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All business intelligence is available if you just know
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Business intelligence from log files

Get accurate and reliable web metrics by analysing your web server's log files. Sawmill will analyse the log files produced by every popular web server to give you massive flexibility throughout your organisation
Monitor your Firewall, Authentication Server, VPN Server, Anti-Virus Server, File Server, in fact any device that produces a test log file is capable of being analyzed and reported by Sawmill.
Is your email being used or abused? By deploying Sawmill to monitor your mail server log files you can receive regular reports, scheduled or on-demand, on every aspect of email usage by a user or a group of users.
Monitor the internet travels of your employees, by individual, by group, by category of site, by geography. Understand where they are spending their time.
Manage your quality of service and time to download etc. Prepare invoices and understand how your users are using your services.
Monitor and report on the health and utilisation of your network infrastructure. Sawmill supports all popular syslog server log files, as well as the log formats contained within them. No other solution comes close to Sawmill's universality, making it the ideal platform for system and network event logging.

Sawmill will analyse all your text log files from any source and any location producing actionable reports and alerts – condensing the data into customised dashboards to make event recognition and trend utilisation so much quicker and more effective. Every platform and every technical discipline is supported by Sawmill via its library of over 1000 different log file formats.

Web, Security, Proxy, Email, Media, IDS, Syslog, Network device, Application program, O/S events - its all logs to the Sawmill

Unlock your valuable log data and start using the business benefits you will gain

Security, Web, Media, Proxy, IDS, Email, Syslog - over 1000 different log formats


The Sawmill product is quick to install with an easy to use and intuitive interface to produce new reports and change presentation format on existing reports. Not only was the product easily customizable and extensible, but the Sawmill UK professional services team was very impressive and professional.

Ian Jones, Solution Architect HP France

...and I love Sawmill - used to use it (many) years ago. Recently I evaluated a number of products to analyse our log files, and came back to Sawmill. I can get results out of it quickly, yet it's configurable enough to do just about anything...

Liz Smith, MD Enbyten Ltd.