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Installation instructions

Installing Sawmill for Linux

Hardware requirements: Sawmill works best on a 64-bit operating system with a minimum 2GB of RAM per core. Its database typically requires up to four times the disk space of the uncompressed log data (but can be much more). If you are processing more than 10GB of log data (uncompressed), use of a 32-bit operating system or insufficient memory or disk space may result in errors or crashes. For more details see the System Requirements page.

Detailed instructions: The instructions below are brief instructions for this platform only. For more detailed installation instructions for all platforms, see the online Installation documentation.

The file being downloaded is a gzipped tar file. To decode the file from the command line, enter the following command:

gunzip -c  | tar xf -

That will create a directory called "sawmill" containing the Sawmill executable file (sawmill- and a few other files. To run Sawmill, type

cd sawmill-

to get into the sawmill directory, and then type


to start Sawmill.

The online documentation contains addition instructions on running Sawmill at system startup.

Then use a web browser to access the URL Sawmill displays, to start using Sawmill.

Supporting information:

spacer PDF Icon Small  Sawmill 8 Product Guide PDF spacer PPS Icon Small  Sawmill 8 Getting Started Guide PPS spacer PDF Icon Small  Sawmill 8 Documentation PDF