IIS Analysis     

Microsoft's IIS Web Server produces rich log files with information about each transaction the server makes. Do you know how many visitors you get to your site each month. Do you know how many page requests you get per visit or visitor? Do you know what page they come into your site (entry page) or which page they exit on? Do you know which path they take through your site? All these questions can be answered by IIS analysis tools and Sawmill Analytics is one of the best IIS analysis tools around today. We are about to release the next major version of Sawmill Analytics, which brings to market a robust, powerful and diverse IIS analysis product suitable for small business and global corporations alike. It analyzes over 800 log formats as well as IIS logs and this means that you can have one reporting interface for all your analysis and reporting needs, throughout the organization.

Analyzing the log files from your IIS server are an important part of managing your web site. IIS analysis allows you to develop your site specifically for your visitors, helping them get to the things they want to faster, and making them do the things you want them to do easier. IIS analysis becomes increasingly interesting when you start allowing the power of Sawmill Analytics custom reporting capabilities and on-the-fly filtering to work in your organization, automatically emailing out HTML emails of reports you need first thing in the morning, and producing static reports for meetings or distribution to teams throughout the day.

Sawmill Analytics IIS analysis produces industry standard reporting metrics for all parts of your company, whether that is a small sales operation or a global multinational, each benefit in Sawmill scales for all needs and all budgets. IIS analysis extends your knowledge of your visitors, allowing you to tie in the external customer data giving you a 360 degree view of your customer activity.

For a Demo, click here: Demo IIS 4 Logs