Sawmill Features by Edition
  Current Production Version
  Host platform options Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS X, UNIX, GNU/Linux. Current download list available here
  Deployment Local or Remote
  Licensing Single Copy, Profiles
  License delivery Key by email
  License sizes (profiles) 1, 5, 10, 25 > > unlimited 1
  License size upgrades (profiles) Yes no
  License edition upgrades (by key) Yes
  Software delivery User Download
  User limit Unlimited
  Supported log file types 1022
  USD Pricing from $599.00 $199.00 $99.00
  GBP Pricing from £479.20 £159.20 £80.00
  EUR Pricing from €539.10 €179.10 €87.00
  LDAP Authentication Yes    
  Microsoft SQL Server1 (Database & Log Source) Yes    
  Oracle1 (Database & Log Source) Yes    
  MySQL2 (Database & Log Source) Yes    
  Multi-Processor Log Processing Yes    
  GUI customization 3 Yes (complete via Salang) (report features only)  
  Role-based access control4 Yes (limited)  
  Network Actions (API/RPC) Yes Yes  
  Custom Report Columns Yes Yes  
  Save Report From Reports Yes Yes  
  Email Report From Reports Yes Yes  
  Filter/Report Bookmarks Yes Yes  
  Multiple Log Source Yes Yes  
  Script Language (Salang) Yes Yes  
  Log Filters Editor (input) Yes Yes  
  DNS Lookup Yes Yes  
  HTTP Log Source Yes Yes  
  Command Line Log Source Yes Yes  
  Report Editor Yes Yes  
  User Management Editor Yes Yes  
  Log Format auto-detection (with override option) (with override option)  
  Internal database support Yes Yes Yes
  Reports Drill Down (ZOOM) Yes Yes Yes
  Report Filters Editor (output) Yes Yes Yes
  Sawmill Scheduler Yes Yes (database update only)
  Local (file) Log Source Yes Yes Yes
  FTP/SFTP Log Source Yes Yes Yes
  Integrated web server Yes Yes Yes
  External SQL Queries Yes Yes Yes
  GeoLite™ Database Yes Yes Yes
  Language Modules Yes Yes Yes

1) MS SQL and Oracle supported via ODBC as a log source and a back end database

2) MySQL database as a log source is supported via ODBC and supported natively as a back end database

3) "report features only" means that the profile's reports can be customized through the Config section of the GUI. This is possible in all tiers except Lite, where the Config section is limited and does not include a report editor. "complete via Salang" means that the full Salang source code of the web interface is open to be modified (subject to licensing restrictions - available on request).

4)"limited" to only two role types (the built in Manager and Statistics visitor) in Professional