Sawmill Profile Calculator

Sawmill Licensing is based on Profiles, not on log sources (i.e. ‘servers’). A Profile can be considered as a ‘Report Profile’, with a single profile capable of processing the log files of one format only. A Profile defines and manages i) the processing of the log data, ii) how the Sawmill database is created, and iii) the report style (i.e. the tables | graphs | navigation etc.).  Although a single profile can capture log files from multiple sources (provided they are all the same format) additional Profiles will be required if you need to produce additional separate (private) reports from the same original log file data

Follow the two-stage process below to determine how many profiles and how many licenses you need.

Step 1.  Sawmill Profile Calculator:

Log File Type Seperate Reports Profiles Required License Pack
Web Server 3 3 5
Proxy Server 1 1 1
Firewall 5 5 5
Mail Server 2 2 5
All of the above 11 11 25

Step 2.  How many copies of Sawmill do you require?

Having calculated the number of Profiles you need you can now decide how many copies of Sawmill you want to run them on. If you decide to run them all on a single copy you will receive a single key (lowest cost option).  Alternatively you may purchase multiple smaller licenses giving you the right to run multiple copies of Sawmill.  The license sizes available for purchase are: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 etc.

For more details and some example cases, click here