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If you are appointed as a Sawmill Analytics Authorised Reseller you will be given an online account where you can make purchases at your discount level. Your email address entered above will be the username, and your new password will be emailed to you (you can change this). You will be able to use various Sawmill graphics and logos in your marketing activities and on your sales brochures etc.

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As an Authorised Reseller you will be entitled to free priority support. You will also be able to purchase an NFR copy of Sawmill at 60% discount. This NFR copy is for your own internal use as an analysis/reporting tool and for customer demonstrations and support.

Sales Forecasts/commitments

We do not require forecasts or sales commitments of any sort, but we do expect constant activity in order to keep your account open. If at any time you would like to make a greater commitment to Sawmill in return for more attractive terms please write to us at and we will review your proposal


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