Sawmill Profiles Explained

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Profiles are available in the following quantities: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 or 1000. Additional Profiles may be added to an existing license

A Profile is created by a customer using the Sawmill Profile Wizard. At the time a Profile is created the customer decides which ‘Pages’ will be included and displayed each time it runs. A Profile runs either on-demand or under the control of the Sawmill Scheduler. Different schedules can be applied to different Profiles.

Each time a Profile runs it automatically produces a Report. A Report can consist of all possible Pages (a Full Report), or it can contain a specific selection or grouping of Pages (a Dashboard Report). A Page is a detailed report in its own right. Examples of ‘Pages’ are “search phrases” or “page views by referrer’ etc.

How does Sawmill access the log files? - once Sawmill is given the path to the file location (where the log files are) it issues an ftp request and the remote system transmits the log files to Sawmill

So how many Profiles will I need? - From the above it should be clear that the minimum number of Profiles needed is equal to the number of different log formats to be analyzed and reported. After that the decision is based on how many Dashboard Reports you want to produce. For each different Dashboard Report you will need another Profile.


  1. International operation with 10 Firewalls in 10 different cities around the world - either pre-combine the log files and process with one Profile, or dedicate a Profile to each location and produce separate report for each location.
  2. Proxy server with 1000 outbound users - use a single profile to capture all user activity in a single report, or dedicate a Profile to each user for privacy, or give each departmental manager a dashboard report containing only his own team members
  3. Web server – give every user his/her own profile with a personal log-in, or use a single Profile that creates an extended report. Every user will then be able to see every single page
  4. Mail Server - use a single profile to capture mail usage reports for all mail sent and received, or dedicate a separate Profile for each person with a mail account
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